Jan. 21st, 2012

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This is a list of what is going on with sharing files servers and their affiliated/money making programs.

tvshareFileserve – deleting multiple files and closed affiliate program
VideoBB – closed its affiliate program
Filepost – started suspending accounts with infringing material (Doing what Hotfile did)
Uploaded.to – not available in U.S. anymore (Banned U.S. ISPs)
Videozer – No affiliate/make money page
FileJungle—deleting multiple files and blocking some U.S. ISPs.
Uploadstation – (owned by Fileserve) same as above
Filesonic—(owned by Fileserve). No news yet.


Now, it seems the whole megaupload debacle has effectively scare people. War of terror indeed. It seems the strategy is the same no matter the battle field.

To think that all of this could be avoided if the companies were more interested in making their products known over making their CEOs/"artist" rich. It is absurd when an e-book is more expensive than the printed hard copy one, or when a movie DVD/blueray double its original-not so cheap- prize because it won a silly thing like an Oscar.
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ok, its been bothering me.

Mr.Moffat say that we all missed something important in the last ep. and I had full intention of not obsessing over it (yeah, did't work) and its been bothering me since the beginning that from one moment to the other Sherlock became a celebrity, a proper one, with media coverage and thank you press conferences which I must say is not in his personality. We did see him trying to cover his face and saying how he was a PI and so media publicity was the last thing he needed. So him, taking big cases and allowing press and publicity...it just dosen't make sense. So I'm thinking this was part of the bait. The other part was Mycroft loose tongue, because we all know that Mycroft doesn't do anything with out having all the bases covered.

So, this is my Theory:
After the Belgravia incident Mycroft needs to dispose of Moriarty and Sherlock is the perfect bait. So they give Moriarty ammunition and opportunity to burn Sherlock by 1. making him a celebrity and so in the public eye and 2. giving Moriarty a full load of truth about Sherlocks life. This means that after they just need to sit and wait for Moriarty to make his move. So it was all planed from the start, except maybe, Sherlock's dead. Since the whole sentiment and friendship was probably not accounted for and they did not expected for Moriarty to tread the life of Mrs Hudson and Lestrade.

There are things that it seems Moiriarty didn't had in to consideration. 1. Mycroft and Sherlock relationship is probably better than they show to the world. 2. Sherlock counts with more friends besides the obvious three and 3. Sherlock has practice making people look dead and disappear.

so yeah, this is me trying to not obsess over a tv series when I have to finish lab work and write my PhD thesis.



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