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So, Today we watched The Artist, Hugo and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

The Artist and Hugo are such beautiful movies about movies :) Both are very different and very nostalgic and kind of wonderful on their own way. Hugo is lovely and kind of steam-punk which just adds to the loveliness of it all. And the artist is most definitely a nostalgic trip on silent films. So lovely and whit such amazing actors. It can not be easy to act all the way with out relying on words to tell at least part of the story.

TTSP is a really really good thriller. Is a smart movie that keeps you wondering what is the truth behind the story all the way and doesn't gives the answer until the end. Quite frankly I loved it. It was intense and complicated and just wonderful. Like a good mystery book. And the fact that is full of amazing english actors does not all.
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How much of a sci-fi geek I am that the most exciting news today for me were the fact that three of my fandoms have just colide. (BBC's Sherlock, J.J.Abrahams's Star Trek and Peter Jackson's The Hobbit) The excellent Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch is acting in all of this and I am loving it. 

I mean, I was already in love with The Hobbit and the excellent Mr. Martin Freeman, as he plays and excellent Watson to Mr Cumberbatch's Holmes in Sherlock (and is just a grand actor). Now, Mr. Cumberbatch has been cast as the evil-doer in the second Star Trek which thankfully dismisses the idea of Khan as the villan and I am so praying for him to be be a Romulan or a rough Vulcan which will be just the same. 

Two excellent actors I am happy to see working at any time.


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