Jan. 5th, 2012

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How much of a sci-fi geek I am that the most exciting news today for me were the fact that three of my fandoms have just colide. (BBC's Sherlock, J.J.Abrahams's Star Trek and Peter Jackson's The Hobbit) The excellent Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch is acting in all of this and I am loving it. 

I mean, I was already in love with The Hobbit and the excellent Mr. Martin Freeman, as he plays and excellent Watson to Mr Cumberbatch's Holmes in Sherlock (and is just a grand actor). Now, Mr. Cumberbatch has been cast as the evil-doer in the second Star Trek which thankfully dismisses the idea of Khan as the villan and I am so praying for him to be be a Romulan or a rough Vulcan which will be just the same. 

Two excellent actors I am happy to see working at any time.

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Maybe is something that justs happens here, but have you guys hear or an armed strike? well, is quite basically the kidnaping of whole towns by armed forces (revolutionary or plain stupid people with guns). The people with guns will close roads and isolate a whole town or region of the country in order to call attention of the oficial government in to something or as in the latest case as revenge for the dead, capture of extradition of one or another "illustrious" person of the armed organization. So, this armed guys kidnapp a whole town and the official government sends the army or police forces there to "deal" with the situation and...guess what? the dead that come out of that place are 90% of the time civilians.... Some times this country pains me so much!!!!


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