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I have been sick, non stop, for the last month. It sucks. I seem to get fine from one thing and just catch another....ugh! I got two bronchitis, some mouth infection, a food poisioning, lovely asthma and really bad acne. It sucks. I think I have very low defenses right now due to university and family drama combined.

But anyway, this post is about a silly project of mine. Due to the whole food poisoning thing I have not been able to eat as much as I love to do it. In fact for the past three days I have been surviving on something close to 400 calls. Which I know is not healthy at all. But, I been thinking and reading, it is actually quite possible to live on that many cals a day. In the past I have done some spiritual related fasting, specially during Lent. And reading around I have found some info on fasting for health. Now, I don't think that to fast for beauty is a good idea, I think that if you are going to fast you should do it for a good cause or in search of a spiritual awaking.

So I am starting this silly project of mine called 400cals for a month.
This are the rules:
1. No more that 400cals./day.
2. Only natural, organic healthy food.
3. 50% raw diet.
4. Only water for drink.
5. Absolute no fast food, junk food or processed food ( my colon will be soon happy with this)
6. daily blogging.


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