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yep. If ever needed further proof of the fact that I am crazy.
here it is:

I speak to my cat.
and she answers me.

or, to be more precise, she speaks to me and I answer her.
We obviously use cat tongue because human tongue is way too basic for cats and it can not encompass all the complexities of cat emotions.

Truth is I am able to hold conversations with my cat, and this is very important and interesting because I am almost fluid now in cat chat and so I have begin to understand that they (the cats) are actually a very developed and highly intelligent species that is able to control humans and are manipulating our evolution so as to breed the perfect petter.

Even after finding that I am no more than the product of an elegant and elaborated breeding program I feel no need to complain about it. But I do have an overwhelming necessity to pet my cat.
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"I'd like some illegal, some forbidden, some frowned upon and some downright disgust please, and I'd like that to go. Thanks!" - Dylan Moran.
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I want to have a penpal.

I miss writing and receiving honest to good hand written letters :(
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My best friend is getting married this friday.

He just told me.

I'm in shock.
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This is a list of what is going on with sharing files servers and their affiliated/money making programs.

tvshareFileserve – deleting multiple files and closed affiliate program
VideoBB – closed its affiliate program
Filepost – started suspending accounts with infringing material (Doing what Hotfile did) – not available in U.S. anymore (Banned U.S. ISPs)
Videozer – No affiliate/make money page
FileJungle—deleting multiple files and blocking some U.S. ISPs.
Uploadstation – (owned by Fileserve) same as above
Filesonic—(owned by Fileserve). No news yet.


Now, it seems the whole megaupload debacle has effectively scare people. War of terror indeed. It seems the strategy is the same no matter the battle field.

To think that all of this could be avoided if the companies were more interested in making their products known over making their CEOs/"artist" rich. It is absurd when an e-book is more expensive than the printed hard copy one, or when a movie DVD/blueray double its original-not so cheap- prize because it won a silly thing like an Oscar.
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Wow, I never had say no to a marriage proposal before (because is the first time that someone proposed) hard, and painful. Specially if you genuinely care for the other part. No wonder there are so many unhappy marriages in the world :( I hate to make people feel miserably on my account...but is for his own happiness in the long run...It still sucks!
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Maybe is something that justs happens here, but have you guys hear or an armed strike? well, is quite basically the kidnaping of whole towns by armed forces (revolutionary or plain stupid people with guns). The people with guns will close roads and isolate a whole town or region of the country in order to call attention of the oficial government in to something or as in the latest case as revenge for the dead, capture of extradition of one or another "illustrious" person of the armed organization. So, this armed guys kidnapp a whole town and the official government sends the army or police forces there to "deal" with the situation and...guess what? the dead that come out of that place are 90% of the time civilians.... Some times this country pains me so much!!!!
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I have been sick, non stop, for the last month. It sucks. I seem to get fine from one thing and just catch another....ugh! I got two bronchitis, some mouth infection, a food poisioning, lovely asthma and really bad acne. It sucks. I think I have very low defenses right now due to university and family drama combined.

But anyway, this post is about a silly project of mine. Due to the whole food poisoning thing I have not been able to eat as much as I love to do it. In fact for the past three days I have been surviving on something close to 400 calls. Which I know is not healthy at all. But, I been thinking and reading, it is actually quite possible to live on that many cals a day. In the past I have done some spiritual related fasting, specially during Lent. And reading around I have found some info on fasting for health. Now, I don't think that to fast for beauty is a good idea, I think that if you are going to fast you should do it for a good cause or in search of a spiritual awaking.

So I am starting this silly project of mine called 400cals for a month.
This are the rules:
1. No more that 400cals./day.
2. Only natural, organic healthy food.
3. 50% raw diet.
4. Only water for drink.
5. Absolute no fast food, junk food or processed food ( my colon will be soon happy with this)
6. daily blogging.


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