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Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch.....such an amazing actor. It is always a pleasure to see a good artist doing his/her work. The same way it is a pleasure to hear a master musician play a complicated Baroque piece, it is also to see a talented actor like Mr. Cumberbatch able to play and deliver a great deal of passion and sentiment in his lines.

I think art is to be enjoyed, not to be analyzed and dissect (I do plenty of that in the lab) and I haven't seen one performance from Mr. Cumberbatch that I have not trully enjoyed. He has an amazing range, and one is able to forget the man behind the character, wich lastly is the job of an actor.

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ok, its been bothering me.

Mr.Moffat say that we all missed something important in the last ep. and I had full intention of not obsessing over it (yeah, did't work) and its been bothering me since the beginning that from one moment to the other Sherlock became a celebrity, a proper one, with media coverage and thank you press conferences which I must say is not in his personality. We did see him trying to cover his face and saying how he was a PI and so media publicity was the last thing he needed. So him, taking big cases and allowing press and just dosen't make sense. So I'm thinking this was part of the bait. The other part was Mycroft loose tongue, because we all know that Mycroft doesn't do anything with out having all the bases covered.

So, this is my Theory:
After the Belgravia incident Mycroft needs to dispose of Moriarty and Sherlock is the perfect bait. So they give Moriarty ammunition and opportunity to burn Sherlock by 1. making him a celebrity and so in the public eye and 2. giving Moriarty a full load of truth about Sherlocks life. This means that after they just need to sit and wait for Moriarty to make his move. So it was all planed from the start, except maybe, Sherlock's dead. Since the whole sentiment and friendship was probably not accounted for and they did not expected for Moriarty to tread the life of Mrs Hudson and Lestrade.

There are things that it seems Moiriarty didn't had in to consideration. 1. Mycroft and Sherlock relationship is probably better than they show to the world. 2. Sherlock counts with more friends besides the obvious three and 3. Sherlock has practice making people look dead and disappear.

so yeah, this is me trying to not obsess over a tv series when I have to finish lab work and write my PhD thesis.

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This is a list of what is going on with sharing files servers and their affiliated/money making programs.

tvshareFileserve – deleting multiple files and closed affiliate program
VideoBB – closed its affiliate program
Filepost – started suspending accounts with infringing material (Doing what Hotfile did) – not available in U.S. anymore (Banned U.S. ISPs)
Videozer – No affiliate/make money page
FileJungle—deleting multiple files and blocking some U.S. ISPs.
Uploadstation – (owned by Fileserve) same as above
Filesonic—(owned by Fileserve). No news yet.


Now, it seems the whole megaupload debacle has effectively scare people. War of terror indeed. It seems the strategy is the same no matter the battle field.

To think that all of this could be avoided if the companies were more interested in making their products known over making their CEOs/"artist" rich. It is absurd when an e-book is more expensive than the printed hard copy one, or when a movie DVD/blueray double its original-not so cheap- prize because it won a silly thing like an Oscar.
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Wow, I never had say no to a marriage proposal before (because is the first time that someone proposed) hard, and painful. Specially if you genuinely care for the other part. No wonder there are so many unhappy marriages in the world :( I hate to make people feel miserably on my account...but is for his own happiness in the long run...It still sucks!
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Maybe is something that justs happens here, but have you guys hear or an armed strike? well, is quite basically the kidnaping of whole towns by armed forces (revolutionary or plain stupid people with guns). The people with guns will close roads and isolate a whole town or region of the country in order to call attention of the oficial government in to something or as in the latest case as revenge for the dead, capture of extradition of one or another "illustrious" person of the armed organization. So, this armed guys kidnapp a whole town and the official government sends the army or police forces there to "deal" with the situation and...guess what? the dead that come out of that place are 90% of the time civilians.... Some times this country pains me so much!!!!
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How much of a sci-fi geek I am that the most exciting news today for me were the fact that three of my fandoms have just colide. (BBC's Sherlock, J.J.Abrahams's Star Trek and Peter Jackson's The Hobbit) The excellent Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch is acting in all of this and I am loving it. 

I mean, I was already in love with The Hobbit and the excellent Mr. Martin Freeman, as he plays and excellent Watson to Mr Cumberbatch's Holmes in Sherlock (and is just a grand actor). Now, Mr. Cumberbatch has been cast as the evil-doer in the second Star Trek which thankfully dismisses the idea of Khan as the villan and I am so praying for him to be be a Romulan or a rough Vulcan which will be just the same. 

Two excellent actors I am happy to see working at any time.

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I believe that if it is alive it deserves to be respected.
Live by itself is a wonderful miracle.

I believe there is a motor force in the universe that has as many names as manifestations.
The way you call it depends on your language and culture but it is the same thing with many many names.

I believe in diversity. Every single one of us has a different understanding of the world.
We don't need to agree on everything but we do need to respect the others point of view.
We are only humans, chances are we all are mistaken about everything.

I believe hate comes from fear, and we fear what we don't know, what it is hard to understand for us.
I believe that if you hate you are a lazy human.
It is more easy to hate than to try to know and understand.

I believe love, to love and be loved, is the most precious thing we posses.
Love can create and can destroy, so be careful with it.

I believe knowledge is the most powerful weapon.
Ignorance is the most vulnerable state.
Desperation is a bad counselor.
And faith is the most dangerous thing.

I believe we, humans, are the most dangerous species on earth.
I believe there is people that just was borne good or evil.
but they are a minority. For the rest of us is a conscious decision.
We can choose what to be. And we need to choose every second of our lives.

I believe old people needs to be respected.
They hold first hand knowledge on life.
They are a lot more closer to understand... everything.

I believe everything does happen for a reason.
And that reason is to learn from it.
And difficult situations do teach you a lot more.

I believe we only have one chance at life.
so we should try and do the best of it.
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I used to love you...that is a lie.
I used to love the way it felt to think that I was in love with you.
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I appreciate a lot more my friends than my lovers
because lovers are like river stones, so easy to find.
But friends are like diamonds,
strange and precios
and equally strong.
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It was A-mazing!!!!

I missed my silly show so much and they did such an gorgeous job with Irene Adler! Such an amazing character and they did it flawless.

Loved the part of visiting the Queen, and the silly hats, and the way the characters interacted, and the silly silly names of the cases in Jhon's blog, and the love of the boys for Mrs Hudson, and the violin being many pretty things in this ep.

Moriarty was funny and anticlimactic and oh so totally unexpected!!! it was an amazing start!!
Sherlock and John making Mycroft apology to Mrs. Hudson, and the cigarette scene was so nicely done.
Mycroft alone in front of the chimney in X-mas broke my heart for some reason.
And poor Molly having Sherlock being and ass with her, even if he did say sorry and give her a kiss (Lestrade was totally ogling her). Loved the fact that Mrs. Hudson was totally amazing when the americans scared her!!!! ugh!!! so much love for this show right now.

Oh, and the details, the little details like the ring tones, the boomerang, the stuck counter, the nicknames, the password, everything was flawless so well so nice to have good TV back.
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I have been sick, non stop, for the last month. It sucks. I seem to get fine from one thing and just catch another....ugh! I got two bronchitis, some mouth infection, a food poisioning, lovely asthma and really bad acne. It sucks. I think I have very low defenses right now due to university and family drama combined.

But anyway, this post is about a silly project of mine. Due to the whole food poisoning thing I have not been able to eat as much as I love to do it. In fact for the past three days I have been surviving on something close to 400 calls. Which I know is not healthy at all. But, I been thinking and reading, it is actually quite possible to live on that many cals a day. In the past I have done some spiritual related fasting, specially during Lent. And reading around I have found some info on fasting for health. Now, I don't think that to fast for beauty is a good idea, I think that if you are going to fast you should do it for a good cause or in search of a spiritual awaking.

So I am starting this silly project of mine called 400cals for a month.
This are the rules:
1. No more that 400cals./day.
2. Only natural, organic healthy food.
3. 50% raw diet.
4. Only water for drink.
5. Absolute no fast food, junk food or processed food ( my colon will be soon happy with this)
6. daily blogging.
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The follow is a behavioral study off an interesting specimen in human males.

How to recognise a S.A.M. in every group of men you will find at least one SAM. He usually is surrounded by the rest of the group. And specially the younger members of the group will look at him with adoration. He is the kind of man that will give "relationship advise freely, but somehow he never has a stable sentimental or sexual partner.



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