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I go for equality, no matter what.

To be a feminist is to defend the right of millions of girls to acces quality education at any level in any field of their liking. To defend the right of million of women to chose between being (getting) pregnant or not, the right to tell a guy to fuck off, the right to defend myself, my kids, my body as MINE. To defend the right of millions of women to have monetary independency. To defend the right to choose who to love and how to be loved.

I wish for the day in which things like "you hit like a girl" or "stop being such a woman" will not only stop being derogatory but will lose purpose because it will not make sense.

And phrases like "you know he/she/it is black/jew/gay/muslim" will be answered with "irrelevant" and life will move on without prejudice.

The day in which you can say you love someone and just leave it at that, not having to box yourself in to a category just because the person you love has a certain sex/gender.

I do declare myself to be a feminist, gay rights, prochoice, anti-violence, anticruelty (with all kinds of animal even sapines ones), tree-huger, rainbow surfer, animal talker supporter.
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