Mar. 25th, 2012

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I want to have a penpal.

I miss writing and receiving honest to good hand written letters :(
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There's A, who is somehow geeky and scientis-ty and loves lab work. She has cero interest in the world and feels uncomfortable when men pay attention to her. She loves sci-fy and is a massive consumer of non sexual content fanfic. She wants to have one day her own lab or research industry. Her future is planned and organized. She dosen't see the point of romantic relationships. she dosen't makes friends easily but once she considers you her friend she will be the most loyal friend you could have.

There is C., who is a poetry writer, equal rights activist, writer of politic essays and reader of too deep stuff. She makes friends easily and will hear you all night if you know how to tell a story. She is the one that not only talks with men but also eats them for breakfast. She is convinced women are far superior than men and seems to be right so far. She wants to be president because to be emperor of the world seems like too much trouble.

There is A. C., who is very relaxed, messy as hell, massive consumer of poetry, pop culture, rom-com movies and period books. She wants to be an historian or a librarian. She is most happy in an old library or bookstore surrounded by books and the smell of old paper and knowledge. She stills day dreams about meeting the man of her life, have a glorious family and retire to a horse farm.

And there is L who just wants be out doors, dreams about jumping from a plane and from the Angel fall in Venezuela. She wants to be and adventurer like Lara Croft but far more BAMF. She is competitive and reckless. Knows about weapons and martial arts and has beaten once or twice a few men that touch her with out her permission. She will make friends easily but has too much expectations about her friends. She will give you her full undivided attention for days at a time if there is something new and exiting she could learn from you. She is still bummed about not being an astronaut or an experimental pilot.

And finally there is me. Who lives with all of them in my head and has to plays referee to them all :)
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"I'd like some illegal, some forbidden, some frowned upon and some downright disgust please, and I'd like that to go. Thanks!" - Dylan Moran.


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