Jan. 2nd, 2012

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It was A-mazing!!!!

I missed my silly show so much and they did such an gorgeous job with Irene Adler! Such an amazing character and they did it flawless.

Loved the part of visiting the Queen, and the silly hats, and the way the characters interacted, and the silly silly names of the cases in Jhon's blog, and the love of the boys for Mrs Hudson, and the violin being played....so many pretty things in this ep.

Moriarty was funny and anticlimactic and oh so totally unexpected!!! it was an amazing start!!
Sherlock and John making Mycroft apology to Mrs. Hudson, and the cigarette scene was so nicely done.
Mycroft alone in front of the chimney in X-mas broke my heart for some reason.
And poor Molly having Sherlock being and ass with her, even if he did say sorry and give her a kiss (Lestrade was totally ogling her). Loved the fact that Mrs. Hudson was totally amazing when the americans scared her!!!! ugh!!! so much love for this show right now.

Oh, and the details, the little details like the ring tones, the boomerang, the stuck counter, the nicknames, the password, everything was flawless so well done...is so nice to have good TV back.
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I appreciate a lot more my friends than my lovers
because lovers are like river stones, so easy to find.
But friends are like diamonds,
strange and precios
and equally strong.
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I used to love you...that is a lie.
I used to love the way it felt to think that I was in love with you.
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I believe that if it is alive it deserves to be respected.
Live by itself is a wonderful miracle.

I believe there is a motor force in the universe that has as many names as manifestations.
The way you call it depends on your language and culture but it is the same thing with many many names.

I believe in diversity. Every single one of us has a different understanding of the world.
We don't need to agree on everything but we do need to respect the others point of view.
We are only humans, chances are we all are mistaken about everything.

I believe hate comes from fear, and we fear what we don't know, what it is hard to understand for us.
I believe that if you hate you are a lazy human.
It is more easy to hate than to try to know and understand.

I believe love, to love and be loved, is the most precious thing we posses.
Love can create and can destroy, so be careful with it.

I believe knowledge is the most powerful weapon.
Ignorance is the most vulnerable state.
Desperation is a bad counselor.
And faith is the most dangerous thing.

I believe we, humans, are the most dangerous species on earth.
I believe there is people that just was borne good or evil.
but they are a minority. For the rest of us is a conscious decision.
We can choose what to be. And we need to choose every second of our lives.

I believe old people needs to be respected.
They hold first hand knowledge on life.
They are a lot more closer to understand... everything.

I believe everything does happen for a reason.
And that reason is to learn from it.
And difficult situations do teach you a lot more.

I believe we only have one chance at life.
so we should try and do the best of it.


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